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Together we can change lives ~
changing one life at a time. 

The Healing Light Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of low-income families in the Dominican Republic. Our mission is to provide essential resources to improve their daily struggles,  such as shelter, food, clothing, healthcare and other vital products to those in need. We believe that everyone deserves access to these necessities, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Our commitment extends beyond providing food and other essentials. We understand that a lack of resources can have a detrimental impact on everyday life.  That's why we are taking one case at a time to improve one life at a the time. Together we can give hope to these families. "Together, we can change lives."


Clara Ariza

From a young age, Clara developed a deep passion for helping others, drawing inspiration from her grandmother's (Maria Teurina Mejia)  dedication to assisting those in need. Growing up with this influential example, Clara internalized the values of compassion and altruism, making them part of her life.

As an active member of her church, Clara played a significant role in leading the donations department. However, she realized that limited food and clothing donations alone were insufficient to create a substantial impact on the lives of the impoverished. Motivated by this, Clara founded the Healing Light Foundation with the aim of providing more comprehensive support to individuals in need.



100% of the donations are going to the families with no administration fees. 
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